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As a bride your make-up must be different to the make-up that you would normally wear on a daily basis.

This does not mean that you should look like a complete stranger when walking down the isle, or that your make-up should be applied heavily to get the desired photographic effect.

Important factors that need to be considered are:
· Staying power and duration
· Concealing and color correcting techniques
· Definition and enhancement
· Shading and highlighting techniques
· Matification and shine control
· Photography
· Natural and artificial lighting.

Make-up trial and Wedding Day for Bride + 2 Additional Faces

Gauteng Weddings Traveling fee included to your venue

Touch up Kit


A professional Make-Up Artist has specialized in the ART of Make-Up and will be able to do your face according to your particular features and will know the techniques that will enhance your natural beauty. I use professional make up products, which has been designed to look natural, but photographs exceptionally well. The products that I use will give a finish far superior to any product available on the shelf.
I don’t care how average you think you are or how ordinary you feel. I'm going to show you that simply by taking what you have, and who you are right now, that with my help you can achieve your desired look for your wedding day or special event.

Just remember photos and dvd's are all that remain of that special day - Look sensational!

I hope that you enjoy looking at my work, as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you.
I hope to meet you soon.

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